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Previous Sponsors & Partners

Previous Sponsors & Partners


The International Space Tech Summit 2024 will be held in Calgary at the TELUS Convention Centre Canada, on May 15-16 ,2024
The event will continue to host the world’s leading space & deep tech entrepreneurs, enterprises, and founders, showcasing future technologies.


Some of the world’s greatest companies are part of this event


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TYPE5 is creating the world’s largest SpaceTech ecosystem and fuels the deep technologies race with intelligent capital and infinite CREATION.  The Summit brings together like-minded individuals who look beyond the innovation of the existing to pull us out from the ping-pong rooms of our “hi-tech” comfort zones and into the future of technology. 

Space Tech Summit gives a platform to lead, shift a common mindset, envision our next leap, and take the first steps towards it. 
Attendees will get two days of opportunities to discuss solutions that will transform the global economy and advance humankind. 
The event gives you hundreds of ways to build connections that can mean the next step in R&D, Collaboration, and Commercialization.  
The summit will host over 1000 participants: 
  • Space and Aerospace Executives
  • Government officials 
  • Ecosystem partners
  • Industry associations 
  • Universities & post-secondary institutions 
  • Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors
  • Entrepreneurs and Startup executives 
  • Corporate CEOs 
  • VPs Attorneys and Consulting Firms 
  • CIOs, CTOs, CMO’s 
  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Corporate Venturing Partners and Investment Bankers


A list with all the event sponsors will be published soon

List of Topics & Agenda

AWS Workshop: Democratising Earth Analytics with AWS Cloud


Earth analytics is becoming fundamental to data strategies across industries. The growing number of commercial satellite constellations for Earth Observation, together with the proliferation of cubesats, nanosats and even chipsats, have resulted in large amounts of geospatial data accessible and available to everyone. While industries of all kinds can benefit from geospatial insights in applications such as infrastructure project monitoring, land use surveying, precision agriculture, carbon footprint tracking and so on; high cost of IT infrastructure that is associated with analyzing earth observation datasets remains an entry barrier that constraints widespread adoption of earth analytics. Over the years, AWS cloud services have accelerated innovation. Come join us in this session to get a hands-on experience with acquiring, processing and analyzing satellite data cost-effectively and at scale.


SpaceTech Summit gives your startup a masterclass opportunity to share your vision with a global audience. 

Startups in the field of space and deep technologies are invited to submit their applications. 

We look for the following criteria: 


– Dual usage space and earth applicability 

– Innovative and disruptive technology 

– Scalable and impact solutions 


The 3 finalists will be invited to pitch on the Summit’s main stage, 

In front of the most influential people in the Space industry from Canada and abroad.


The winners of the SpaceTech Award will receive: 

– Waived Summit registration fee 

– A significant discount for accommodation and travel 

– $5,000 worth of IP, technology, marketing & consulting services

– Media Cover and press release

– Partners & Investors network

Application closes on 05/05/2024


136 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2P 0K6, Canada Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, address

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Sponsorship & Content

The  SpaceTech Summit will be held by TYPE5 AeroSpace Investment fund.

About the host of the summit

TYPES is a global Space tech investments firm, operating in North America and Europe, focused on Space-to-Earth game-changer innovations that will lead the transformation of entire industries both for life on earth and beyond.

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